Residential Support

In-Home Support vs Fix in the Shop

You, the user, are our top priority at Royal Step CS. We provide expert user support, instruction, and clarification that computer repair businesses are unable to provide. We can fix technology issues in your house. In addition to other remedies, we are able to remove viruses and fix issues as well as reinstall or upgrade operating systems. Hardware issues like those for cracked screens, malfunctioning keyboards, or water damage are not included in our IN-House support. Give us a call and we'll assist you determine whether we can meet your needs.

Residential IT Support Schedule

We do assistance on a regular business working days and hours, on night, weekdays and holidays. You may cancel your appointment 24 hours prior to the confirmed date with free of charge.


Our professionals are knowledgeable in the most latest OS X and Windows hardware, software, and security.

Day Or Night

To help you obtain the assistance when you need it, we adjust our schedule to fit yours. For certain times, appointments are made.

Network Troubleshooting

Assistance with wireless and wired networks.

Mobile and Sync

Set up mail, calendar, contacts, documents, and photo sync on all of your family's devices, including mobile devices.

Virus Removal

Get rid of unwanted spyware and viruses, for the protection of the whole family.

Backup and Recovery

Set up the proper backup strategy with low-cost, hassle-free, automatic backup solutions to the cloud or a drive, along with accurate reporting.

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